Since unique challenges are faced at each stage of business growth it is not uncommon to find that the resources, processes and skills that got you to this point will not get you to the next level. Whether you are an early stage company grappling with volume commercialization, an established corporation targeting new markets or a business growing through M&A, you need the right experience and resources. When everyone is working harder but the business is just not responding, it is time to get some outside help.

Businesses that reported implementation of their plans, reported higher profitability, increased efficiencies and productivity and a sense of accomplishment among their partners. The differentiator was implementation. Does your business have a current strategic plan? If so, is your plan being implemented, communicated, measured and revised? If not, Inafis can help.  


Helping organizations define their direction and align resources to get there

  • Develop a strategic plan
  • Develop vision, value proposition and major organizational goals
  • Identify and shape market opportunities
  • Determine best approach to reach goals (capabilities, people, processes, partners, channels, technology, suppliers etc.

Develop and Launch

Identifying and assessing opportunities to shape and launch new programs, products or services

  • Identify, conceptualize and refine new product, program or service opportunities
  • Value proposition and positioning development and testing
  • Qualify and quantify the value of opportunities
  • Prototype and pilot management and learning
  • Launch and operating plan development

Optimize Performance

Strengthening the organization’s ability to deliver against objectives

  • Maturity assessments, gap analysis and development of plans for improvement
  • Examine resource allocation and investment priorities for potential dilution
  • Assess performance measurement and governance
  • Explore untapped sources of value (e.g. intellectual property)

Building a plan is essential to business success. Whether you are addressing a specific opportunity or charting the direction for your entire business, an effective plan, and the process you follow to develop that plan, is fundamental to meeting your objectives.