Inafis is launching a new innovation strategy. This new vision will re-align and re-focus our resources to better meet the needs of our entrepreneurial and business communities by: providing consulting directly to businesses and entrepreneurs and we will bring new ideas, processes and products to more effectively meet the needs of the new and existing clients that most require support to ensuring that the resources invested result in measurable  more profitable outcomes and results.

It’s essential that entrepreneurs, businesses  receive the right forms of assistance at the right times to market is critical. As well, Inafis supports must be delivered in the best possible way. Inafis Innovation Strategy will help co-ordinate these critical factors. This will allow Clients to successfully take their innovations from idea to market.

A lasting investment in innovations improvement while advisory services are customized to meet the individual objectives of the client, the common outcomes are solutions to pressing business issues and a transfer of valuable management knowledge and technique. Our clients become more effective in their roles and are able to increase their contribution to the success of their organizations. This improvement is so profound that an advisory engagement with one executive often leads to Inafis working with multiple members of a senior management team in different disciplines.